100% Natural Cosmetics

Committed to the planet


Beauty and wellness products made in a conscious and responsible way to take care of your skin
and health, respect nature and promote local development.

Its formulas have emerged from the synthesis of ancestral knowledge and the recovery of traditional recipes, consolidating a proposal that seeks to return the gaze to a wiser, simpler, healthier and natural lifestyle.

We want to raise awareness about the importance of using substances that are healthy and natural on your skin, because everything that comes in contact with it, enters your body in the same way as if you were eating it.

By using Natú products, you are taking care of your health and you are also helping solve environmental problems by adopting sustainable consumption habits.

Our ingredients come from organic crops that respect nature and its cycles,
and from a fair-trade exchange with the people who work our fertile and megadiverse Ecuadorian land.

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