Hi! My name is Carmen Borja, and I want to share with you my story and how Natú was born.
Many things changed when I became a mom in 2003. This new facet of my life led me to seek a healthier and more conscientious lifestyle. I started with a healthy and organic diet, but then I realized that eating well was not enough. That everything you put on your skin enters your body in the same way as if you were eating it. This discovery led us to change many habits in our daily life. I began to read carefully the labels of each product that my family consumed, and I realized that we were slowly polluting our body and our planet.

When I did not find alternatives in the market that met my needs, but also wanting to free myself from the dependence of consumption, I began to research on the subject and to learn to manufacture at home all the products for our daily hygiene and personal care. In this way, I was not only taking care of my family’s health, but also finding ways to reduce the negative impact we cause on our planet.
We acquired a new awareness of our environment that led us to appreciate fairly, and admire, the work of peasants who cultivate the land respecting nature and its cycles. We were amazed by the wisdom of the ancestral knowledge of Ecuadorian natives, and decided to recover the traditional recipes that our grandmothers used. Thus we were discovering a new way of life: wiser, healthier, more simple and natural.
For many years we lived as a family a fun process and rich in learning. We become familiar with medicinal herbs and the benefits of natural ingredients, we develop our formulas, and we discover alternative ways of taking care of ourselves, using only ingredients that we could find in our kitchen.
In 2015 we realized that we were ready to share all this experience that we had accumulated over so many years, to spread this more conscious and natural lifestyle, through the products that we had developed. Thus Natú was born.
We have always been motivated by the conviction that this project can provide well-being, health and conscience to many individuals and families, while acquiring more respectful nature habits and promoting local development, supporting communities and other responsible entrepreneurs.
Furthermore, this project was also conceived, from its inception, as an alternative and a space where other women and men, of all ages, can find a flexible and friendly way to prosper and fulfill their dreams, as it happened to me

Natú’s formulas were obtained by combining ancestral knowledge and recovered traditional recipes, 

seeking to return to a wiser, simpler, healthier and natural way of living.

We want to raise awareness about the importance of using substances that are healthy and natural for your skin, so that if you eat them or your skin absorbs them, they will not have harmful effects on your body. The reason for this is that everything that comes in contact with your skin enters your body in the same way as if you were ingesting it.

By using Natú products, you are taking care of your health and you are also helping solve environmental problems by adopting sustainable consumption habits. Our ingredients come from organic crops that respect nature and its cycles, and from a fair-trade exchange with the people who work our fertile and megadiverse Ecuadorian land.